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7 Bronzers that you will love!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Beautiful, sun kissed skin, we all want it. Whether it is the dead of winter or a boiling hot summer, we all strive for that "just spent a day in the sun" look. If you are the palest of the pale or have the deepest of skin tones, we all have one thing in common, the hunt for the perfect bronzer. You would think this task would be easy, given the endless amount of options, but the struggle is real. Your bronzer is either to warm, to cool, to light, to dark or basically the same shade as you so it does nothing and the list goes on and on. In this post I will be sharing my tried and true bronzers, products that I personally use and keep in my pro kit.

The Sun Stalk'r bronzer is your ticket to sun kissed skin. This bronzer has shades formulated to suite all skin tones for the ultimate bronze or contour. The smooth, creamy formula stays in place all day without transferring. It contains mango and papaya fruit extracts to make your bronzed skin look natural, healthy and glowing.

Product notes

- 8 shades

- natural matte finish

- Cruelty free

- Vegan formulation

- 6.23g/ 0.22oz

- Available at Sephora and on

Benefits Iconic box powders have been in the beauty world for quite some time. The well know Hoola Bronzer is even an award winner. This popular cult favorite was even released in a variety of shades to accommodate light to deep skin tones. Apply this bronzer all over your face for a natural looking warmth or concentrate this product on the hallows of your cheeks for a more sculpted look.

Products notes

- 4 shades (full size and mini)

- natural matte finish

- Available at Sephora, Ulta and

I'm sure you have heard of the Nars laguna bronzer. It is an absolute classic. The bronzer was such a hit they developed a matte version and added more shades. This bronzer is long lasting, light weight and buildable. You will no doubt achieve the ultimate sculpted, bronze look with this bronzer.

Product Notes

-4 shades

- 0.28oz

- Matte finish

- Available at Sephora and

The Hourglass ambient lighting bronzer is going to be your go to luminous bronzer. Beautiful sun kissed skin that radiantly glows at the same time? YES PLEASE! This bronzer has a sheer, airy formula, perfect sweeping all over your face or in those contour areas for subtle warmth.

Product notes

- 4 shades

- Travel size

- 11g/0.39oz

- Cruelty free

- Formulated without fragrance, talc, parabens, gluten and nanoparticles

- Available at Sephora and

The Laura Mercier matte radiance baked powder is going to be your best friend for that no makeup look. This natural matte finish, with its ultra light weight formula, blends into the skin smoothly. While wearing this bronzer you will have a silky, velvety feel that lasts all day long and feels like its barely there. Have trouble with your bronzer changing color throughout the day? Do not fear! The natural color last up to eight hours and does not oxidize.

Product notes

- Dermatologist tested

- Fragrance free

- soft matte finish ( has a bit of shimmer to it)

- 7.3g/0.26oz

-Available at Sephora, Ulta and

I am absolutely bias towards this products because, I am obsessed with it! This double ended cream stick has your bronzer/ contour and highlight all in one. This highlight formulation has the ultimate "glow from within" feel. Its buildable formula leave the door open for a subtle glow or to take it to full on beam of light. The bronzer end of the stick also has the same buildable formula with long lasting qualities. You can expect a natural matte finish with the perfect shade no matter what your skin tone is. I really gotta hand it to this brand, they nailed the shade range on their product line.

Product notes

- Vegan

- Cruelty free

- Fragrance and silicone free

- Does not contain parabens, talc or D5

- Formulated with lychee fruit extract

- Available on and at Ulta

- 6 shades

The Milk Makeup bronzer stick is your one swipe to a natural warmth on your skin. The stick makes it super easy to apply to your skin and easily blends out with a brush or fingers. Ingredients such as mango butter and avocado oil makes this formula hydrating on the skin and gives a natural glow, while maintaining a natural matte finish. The shades have the perfect amount of warmth, without looking orange on the skin.

Product notes

- 2 shades

- 28g/ 10z

- Matte finish

- Gluten and paraben free

- Vegan

- Cruelty free

Do you have any of these bronzers in your makeup collection? Which ones are your favorites? Is there a bronzer I didn't mention that tops this list? Let me know in the comment section of this post!

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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