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Hair Tutorial: Flat Iron Waves

The effortless natural texture of waves has been a popular hair trend for the past few years. Let's be honest, we all want to fake a hair texture we don't have. There is a few different ways to achieve different styles of waves, and a ton of nifty gadgets on the market to help you get there. One of the newer hair tool trends is the giant wave iron. I'm sure you have seen this tool all over social media. This iron creates a deeper wave with a little more volume and body. It may seem like every time a new trend rolls around you have to buy the accessories and tools that go with it. I am here to show that is not necessarily the case. You can easily replicate the latest trend with the tools and products you already have on hand. Why spend more money and have to store more things unnecessarily, less is always more in my opinion. I am going to show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve these waves with a flat iron. I know mostly everyone owns a flat iron or, has one stored away somewhere from those days were frying your hair and having it pin straight was super cool. Scroll to get started.

Make sure to scroll through to the end. I have a Tik Tok tutorial showing you the exact technique I used to create these waves!

Step 1

First things first, you are going to want to go head and detangle your hair and add any dry shampoo if needed. My favorite brush for detangling is the Wet Brush with boar bristles. This brush is fantastic for detangling wet and dry hair and lasts for years. For dry shampoo, I highly recommend the Batiste dry shampoo. It has been my go to for years and is great for absorbing oils without leaving that feeling of grittiness and product build-up.

Step 2

Heat up your flat iron. The one that I use is the Babyliss Nano Titanium flat iron. I give a more in-depth review of this product and why I love it in my best hair heat tools post. You are going to want to grab a hair clip and section off your hair. I typically always start with a small section at the nape of my neck and clip the rest of the hair up and out of the way.

Step 3

Now it's time to get into creating the waves. To create the effect of a wave iron you are going to need to move the flat iron in an inward, outward motion. Take a few minutes before to practice this motion while holding the iron before trying it on your hair. This will take a bit of practice before you perfect it, but once you do it's the quickest heat style to do. This is going to be exactly like passing the iron over a section of hair to straighten it but with two added movements. Grab a 1-inch section and you are going to want to start with turning your wrist outward as you pull the iron through the section of hair. You are going to do this outward motion for the first inch of the section, then you are going to flip your wrist inward for the next inch of hair. This motion is what creates the deep wave. You are going to alternate this inward, outward motion on the whole section and once you get to the last 1 inch - 1/2 inch of hair you are going to straighten the ends.

Outward Motion

Inward Motion

Straighten out the ends

Step 4

Continue to section off your hair and repeat the same motion from step 3 throughout the entire head. Once you have completed the whole head, do not touch the hair. Give your hair a few minutes to cool before touching the waves and adding product.

Step 5

After your waves have cooled, we can finish up with the final touches. I will first go in with my fingers and comb through the waves and separate them. This will loosen the style and make it look less structured. Then I like to go in my with styling products. My go to products for this type of style are a dry texture spray and a medium hold hair spray. My two favorites are by Kenra, you can check out this blog post for more details on those products. I first go in with my dry texture spray and spray it throughout my entire head. Once it's applied I shake out the roots and do a scrunching motion on the midsection of the hair. This will add more body and volume to the hair while creating a tousled texture. Then I go in with my medium hold hair spray. This will add hold to the hair and tame fly away while keeping movement within the style. Never use a strong hold hair spray with this type of style. It will make the hair look stiff and take away from the fullness and texture of the style.

That is the finished style! you should be left with deeper waves that have a ton of texture and movement. This style is perfect for the warmer months and even looks great with hair accessories, such as headband, and clips.

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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