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How to get cute nail art designs at home!

Updated: May 26, 2021

There is nothing I love more than at home beauty. Especially getting a salon quality manicure at home for little to no cost. Lately, I have been experimenting with making my manicure a little more interesting and creative. Whether that is painting my nails a few different colors or adding in some nail designs. I am going to be showing you how to spice up your manicure, in a simple way, with a cute nail art design. This is fairly easy, takes little to no practice, and looks super cute.

I am going to be using gel nail polish today. I always use gel polish because it dries quickly, makes the nails thicker, and lasts longer. I purchased a majority of my nail products from amazon. I have a full blog post that goes over my manicure essentials and what brands I like to use. Make sure to go check out that post if you are in the market for some gel nail supplies.

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

I like to start with my nail design before painting the rest of my nails. This ensures that I don't accidentally mess up the other ones while they are drying (nothing is worse than a fingerprint smudge). I am using a thin paintbrush that you can pick up from any art supply store for a few dollars. I am going to dip the brush in a lighter shade of green and wipe off the excess polish. I am going to start at the bottom right corner of my nail and paint a line to the top left corner of the nail. You can feel free to make this line more curved/ wavy looking or straight across, totally up to you. If you feel like you messed up the liner or want to adjust it slightly, take a clean brush dip in alcohol and clean up the design where you need to. Remember to keep the layer of polish not too thick! thinner layers help the polish dry evenly.

The nail polish I am using is a set from amazon that you can purchase here

Between each layer you are going to want it dry, this is important! If you are using gel polish, dry the polish with you a UV gel light in between layers. If you are using regular nail polish, make sure to give it a minute or two. After the first layer is dry, I am going to over the line again with the same color. I typically do three layers of polish when painting my nails.

Now, I am going to be using the second shade of green. I am going to be placing this color on both sides of the lighter green. Before dipping your brush into the second make sure to clean it off. I use some rubbing alcohol to clean the polish off the brush. You are going to want to complete the same steps as the first color with the second. I am going to keeping the lines the same thickness/ style, but feel free to play around with your own design.

Once again, I am doing a second and third coat of the polish. Don't forget to dry in between!

Next, I am going to seal the design with a top coat. Do not skip this step! This will put a protective layer over the design and give the nail shine.

After my nail design is finished, I am going to proceed with painting the rest of my nails. Another thing I like to do to make my nails a little more interesting is adding a second accent. nail. I am going to be painting my middle finger the darker shade of green and the rest of my nails the lighter shade of green.

Here is the finished result! An at home manicure with a cute nail art design. This is a super easy way to spice up your nails and can easily be done at home.

Are you a fan of the at home manicure? Do you want to see more at home nail design ideas? Let me know in the comments. After your finish reading this post, make sure to check out a few more of my latest posts!

A little bonus content, here is a Tik Tok Video I made of this nail design tutorial. Make sure to give me a follow on Tik Tok @feliciatricome. You can also follow me on Pinterest and Instagram @feliciatricome.

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