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Makeup Tutorial: Spring Time Makeup

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Bringing a fresh springtime makeup tutorial to a screen near you! I am going to be sharing another makeup tutorial that is relatively quick and easy. Makeup masters and makeup beginners can most definitely achieve this look. I am giving you the full product breakdown and a step by step guide on application. Also, make sure to scroll to the end, I have a Tik Tok video showing myself creating this look.

For today's look, we will be creating natural, glowing skin once again. Natural, healthy-looking skin is kinda my thing so you will be seeing a lot of that around here. I am also going to be showing you a simple, quick eyeshadow look that will enhance the natural features of your eye and add a nice pop of shimmer. Nothing too glam today, just some pretty, wearable makeup. This look is perfect for a brunch out with friends or to even wear to work (when half of your face isn't covered by a mask). I will be sharing my go to products in my makeup bag and will be using a new eyeshadow palette that I think everyone needs to buy ASAP. Scroll down to get started!

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The flex foundation stick by Milk Makeup is a go to in my personal makeup stash. This product is easy to use, mess free and I think it just wears well on my skin. I did a full review on Milk Makeup products to read more on my thoughts click here. I use this product straight out of the stick. I like to make three stripes on my cheeks and then one stripe on my chin, nose, and forehead. From there, I like to buff this into my skin using the real techniques expert face brush. I find just one layer of this product is plenty for me but, you can easily build up this product while preserving its natural looking finish.

This concealer is a "meh" product in my opinion. It by no means is a bad product but, didn't blow me away. I find that it doesn't wear as well under my eyes and some darkness peaks through. With that being said, I do not dislike this product enough to toss and I do not like wasting things, so it shall live another day. I did a full review on Milk Makeup products to read more on my thoughts on this product click here. When applying concealer I do not do anything crazy in terms of highlighting. I like to apply this product on my eyelids, the inner corner of my eyes, and in the hallowed part of my under the eye where typically the darkness is. I will also use this product to spot conceal any imperfections. I like to blend out this product with the real techniques expert crease brush. It is like a dense mini foundation brush and works extremely well.

I love a good cream bronzer. This bronzing stick has been in my makeup bag for a minute and I can't get enough of it. You can read more about why I like it so much in my Milk Makeup review. I like to apply this product by using the same brush that I applied my foundation with. I get some product on my brush and apply it to the hallows of my cheeks in an upward motion to blend. I will also apply this product around the hairline and jawline for some definition. I like this method of application because I feel like I have more control over the product and the amount that is being applied. This cuts out unnecessary blend time and the possibility of having a 5 o'clock shadow from your bronzer.

This is another product that I keep on hand in my makeup bag but it's "meh". Just like the concealer, I don't hate it enough to toss it, so I continue to use it until it's empty. I talk more about why it's not my favorite in this blog post, click here to read. Just like the bronzer, I go in with the same brush to apply my cream blush. I like to use one brush for everything because it makes it simple and one less thing to carry. I dip the brush directly in the product and apply it to the apples of my cheeks and blend upwards onto the high points of my cheeks bones. By applying the blush higher on the cheek, it gives a more lifted look to the face. I always start with a light amount and then layer to my desired intensity. It's always easier to put more on than take away!

Can you tell I really like cream products? Finishing off the cheeks with the Milk Highlighter. This product gives you that natural glow from within look. I apply this product straight from the tube onto the high points of my cheeks, on my chin, cupids bow, the tip of my nose, and at the top of my nose right in between my eyebrows. I blend with the tips of my fingers and layer the product depending on how much glow I want.

I did a full review on Milk Makeup products to read more my thoughts on this product click here.

You have heard me rave about this powder in my Milk Makeup review post... yes I am still using it and still loving it. I use this powder to set areas on my face where the product usually creases or I get oily. For myself, those areas are; Eyelids and under eyes, smile lines, nose, and anywhere I covered a breakout. I paired the real techniques setting brush with this powder. The size of the brush and its fluffy bristles are great for setting those smaller areas on your face.

For brows, I keep it simple and quick. I naturally have fuller brows so I just use this product on its own. It's perfect for grooming them into place while adding color and filling in any tiny gaps. The tiny applicator makes it easy to comb through the brow hair and focus more product where needed. If you are someone who doesn't have full brows and feel like you need a little more than this product on its own, fill in your brows as usual and use this product to tint and set the hairs.

I am in love with this eyeshadow quad. It is the perfect everyday palette that you can create simple looks with or go really glam with. These shadows are pigmented, blend smoothly, and the shimmer shades are stunning. I used the shade "Cafe Ole" on my crease and lower lash line and blended and diffused the edges really well. By Blending and diffusing that shade, it emphasizes the natural crease of my eye and warms up the coloring a bit. Next, I used "Lait with Me" on my brow bone and inner corner to highlight the area. This shade is a really nice ivory tone with a subtle amount of iridescent, perfect for highlight without looking too intense or glittery. The shade "Sugar Please" of course had to go my lids. This champagne bronze shade is absolutely stunning and reflects the most beautiful gold tones. I finished up the eye shadow by applying "Coffee?", an espresso brown shade, to my upper lash line as a liner. I love using deeper brown eyeshadow tones as a liner, it defines the eye with a softer look.

Drug store mascaras are always my go-to's. They are a fair price and usually a great mascara. The Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express is my favorite. I like really like the applicator brush on this mascara, it makes it easy to get volume and fullness while keeping your lashes separated and clump-free. The waterproof formulation is an absolute must for me, why? It is the only thing that will keep my lashes curled all day. Go in with your favorite lash curler give your lashes a good curl and apply a waterproof mascara, you will be set for the entire day.

The final piece to the puzzle to complete this look... a lip color. Haus Laboratories is one of my favorite beauty brands at the moment. They have fantastic products and formulations. This matte lip crayon is easy to use, has great pigmentation and is long-lasting. I never really wear lipstick or any type of lip product for that matter besides lip balm. When wearing color on my lips I usually go for a "your lip color but better" type of shade. I applied this directly onto my lips and then patted over top with my finger to blend the color and thats it. This product is extremely smooth and dries down to a matte finish. Once this product sets down, it stays in place. So you can even use this product to overline your lips if you want to.

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Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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