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Sian Richards London 4K Longwear Creme

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

My next product needs no introduction... okay I’m sorry I had too. I clearly have been watching way to much My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman. In all seriousness, this is a product that all professional makeup artist need to know about.

I have had 4k Longwear creme in my kit for about a year and a half. My first purchase consisted of the 4K Longwear creme palettes in boreal, ether and essence along with the Marvelous Moisturizer and 4K Schmix.

Shade Range

Let's talk about the most important part of any foundation line, the shade range. Sian Richards absolutely nailed it. You not only get foundations shades, but there are adjusters and color correctors in each palette. With these palettes you can apply makeup on the palest of complexions to the darkest. No one will ever be excluded from this brand.

Coverage Customization

On top of a phenomenal shade range, these foundations are extremely flexible and customizable. Now when I say "Flexible and Customizable" do not take those words lightly. These foundations can go from the fullest of full coverage to the sheerest of tinted moisturizer. Yes, these can cover tattoos, that giant red chin pimple and even that scar on your arm. It can accommodate all different types of coverage while keeping the skin looking like skin. Did I also mention they are waterproof as well? Rain, sweat and tears, you are covered. Once this foundation has set, it is not budging. This self sets without powder, but I always recommend powder under the eyes, smile lines and T-zone area (just a personal preference). You can easily adjust the coverage by mixing in the Marvelous Moisturizer or the 4k Schmix.


The Marvelous Moisturizer can be used for skin prep, I find it works well on all skin types but especially on dryer skin. It also great for mixing into the Longwear creme to shear down the coverage or have a smother application on dry skin. This will also make the foundation have a more dewy finish depending on how much powder you add. However, by mixing in the moisturizer it does slightly compromise the waterproof aspect but will still be extremely long wearing.


4K Schmix is your all in one mix in and primer. It shears down foundations while keeping your makeup long lasting and maintaining waterproof qualities. The appearance of fine lines and pores are blurred leaving a smooth, velvety finish. The transparent quality of this product allows you to customize your mix without leaving behind a cast. You can easily use Schmix to create eyeliner, cream blushes, eye shadows, lip stains and more. This product can be stretched as far as you want to take it.

On top of the two mix ins designed to work specifically with the creme, you can pair other products with them as well. I typically always reach for a liquid highlighter to add in my customized mix. By doing this I can temper the product to make a more glowing, luminous finish. You can also add in liquid bronzers or blushes to these products and use them however you please.

One more thing, for my SFX artists out there. You can thin out these creme foundations with Isopropyl alcohol and paint prosthetics as well. Amazing, I know.


We already addressed the shade range and adjustable coverage of these products, but what scenarios are they most ideal? When I say this is the most versatile product in my kit, I do not lie. You can use these palettes for TV/film, SFX, beauty photo shoots, e commerce, weddings etc.. Any type of job that you have these palettes will get you through it, making your clients look fantastic every time. In person or on camera you will know the skin will always be on point.


These products are incredibly versatile and truly accommodate all types of clients. However, there is one con... the packaging. Not everyone may experience this, but with mine I did. I found the lid closure was not secure enough and did not snap close. Due to this, I noticed the product started to shrink and dry out. To avoid this I simply depotted them into a vueset viking jack palette. The lid snaps close and it's more secure, no issues since.

Sian Richards products will forever be a staple in my kit. They truly transformed and shaped they way I built (and continue to build) my pro kit. It is extremely important to me that my kit caters to all skin types, complexions, and ages without having to carrying a million products. These products cover all those needs and more within a few small palettes. I don't know about you, but as a makeup artist (especially one in NYC!) a compact kit is a dream and your back will forever be grateful.

As a pro makeup artist or even a beauty lover, what are your favorite complexion products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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Felicia Tricome
Felicia Tricome
Jan 19, 2021

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I am glad the article was helpful. I have personally never ran this product through an air brush machine, so I am not too familiar with it. I know that companies do sell thinners to add to makeup to run more smoothly through an airbrush. I am not sure how it would react with long wear creme though. I will look into it though and let you know if I find anything.


Jan 19, 2021

Hi! Great article and super informative. I've been thinking about adding them to my kit as the shade range is amazing! I've heard you can use them in airbrush as well? Any idea on what to use to dilute the creme to use for airbrush? Thanks!

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