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The Purple Smokey Eye

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

One of my favorite parts about being a makeup artist is that there are no rules. You can keep things simplistic and clean, or elevate the look for more drama. Keeping the skin natural and light is a staple in my makeup application. Playing up the eyes and adding more vibrant color is how I like to bring more interest to a makeup look. Sometimes I like to do a more wearable touch of color with a subtle liner, but in this case, we are taking it to a different level.

I was brought on to an editorial shoot to design makeup and hair looks around a "Modern '80s" theme. The '80s were filled with lots of makeup, big hair, and bold outfits, so I knew this was going to be a fun shoot. When I have an idea of the style of the shoot and the wardrobe pieces, that's when I get to work. Whenever I am designing a makeup or hair look I immediately take to Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is a never-ending amount of inspiration images and my Instagram is filled with saved images from my favorite artists. Once I gather all my inspiration images, I like to take a look at my makeup collection to see what products stand out to me. I have a ton of palettes and other fun makeup products stashed away for fun projects like this. Typically if one makeup product stands out to me, I can center a whole look around that product. For this makeup look, a Haus Labs eyeliner and a Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette were the focal points to creating this look.

I am going to be sharing with you the makeup products and steps to creating this fun purple smokey eye. Keep on scrolling to find out how you can incorporate the '80s style into your makeup look.

First things first, we need to prime the eyes. Priming the eyes is an important step if you want your shadow to stay vibrant and last. The Mac paint pots are a go-to of mine. Soft ochre is my most used shade for light to medium skin tones. I apply that all over the eyelid and make sure to set it with powder before going with any eyeshadows or liner.

Haus Labs Eye-Dentify Gel Eyeliner Pencil

This eyeliner is absolutely everything. I know, I constantly rave about Haus Labs, but the line is so good and I can't get enough. This gel pencil liner is extremely creamy and has the smoothest application. Not to mention, this eyeliner is not moving for anybody or anything. After priming the eyes, I applied this product to the upper lash (does not have to be a perfect line, just get the product on) and blended it out with a brush. From there, I kept reapplying the liner and blending it out until I get the color evenly diffused across the lid. I also added this to the lower lash line, lightly blending it out, but keeping the color closer to the lash line.

Over the past year, I have done a complete overhaul of my pro makeup kit. Trust me, I do my research before deciding what products go in. The Huda beauty obsessions palettes appeared to be a favorite among a variety of artists, so I had to give them a try for myself. I think these palettes are great for a pro kit. They are small and compact and each palette gives you a good selection of shades from a color range. The amethyst obsessions palette is such a beautiful palette and was perfect to use for this look. I uses the two mauve-pink shades and applied those in the crease and blended for a seamless transition. Next, I applied the deep purple shimmer shade all over the lid and lower lash line to create a reverse smokey eye effect. For a pop of brightness in the inner corner, I used the intense glitter shade with a lighter purple hue. Of course, to complete any look go ahead and curl the lashes and add a few coats of your favorite mascara. For this look, I used Maybelline the falsies volume express in blackest black.

If you want to go full 80's then feel free to amp up your blush and add a bold lipstick to fully embody the decade. For a modern look, you can stick to just recreating the eye look. As I mentioned in the beginning, there are no rules when it comes to makeup, just have fun with it.

I hope this makeup look breakdown and quick tutorial has inspired you to play around with your makeup a little more. It's great to nail down your staple look, but switching things up and doing something different is always fun too. If you enjoyed this blog post makeup sure to choose one of your favorite pins below and save it on Pinterest. If you like my content and want to see more you can follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok too! If you are finished up with this article you can read my previous one here.

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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