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Makeup Review: Viseart eye shadow palettes

As a pro makeup artist, I am always on the hunt for quality makeup products that perform well and look great in person and on camera. The beauty lover side of me just loves to try all the new makeup that comes out and favorites that everyone loves. In time, I plan to go over my whole pro kit and my makeup favorites. For today we are going to be focusing on one product, eyeshadows. There are so many eyeshadow palettes on the market ranging from drug store gems to high end staples. We can talk all day about the countless amazing eye palettes, but for today we are going to be focusing on Viseart. Viseart is a French cosmetics brand with the best of the best eyeshadows in my opinion. Their Matte eyeshadows palettes are a must have in my pro kit.

I am going to be sharing the palettes I carry in my kit along with swatches. Also, I will be adding in a few examples of my work using the palettes. Make sure to scroll all the way through!

I will admit, these eyeshadow palettes are on the pricey end. The 12 pan palettes will run you about $80. This may seem a little steep, but I believe the price is 100% worth it. These eye shadows are extremely high quality, being a major reason why they are loved by pro MUA's. Viseart products are created and produced in small, tightly controlled batches. This eliminates any error or inconsistency in the formulation and allows powder integrity and the quality of pigments to shine through. These shadows are also free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehyde's, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban. If you have any concerns about skin sensitivity with this product, do not fear the formulation is gluten free and contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrance.

These shadows check off the box for a top notch formula and also for performance. You can use these shadows for TV/film, photoshoots, and everyday consumer use they look great in any scenario. These shadows had a smooth, velvety feel to them. They are not chalky, patchy, or hard to blend. These powders are highly pigmented, glide on the eyes and blend seamlessly.

The packaging design is also extremely pro friendly. Viseart palettes are made out of sturdy plastic with magnetic shadow pans. The palette closure does not snap close, but it secures enough that it won't fly open and will protect your shadows. Their palette design contains magnets instead of gluing in the pans. This makes it extremely easy to remove the pans, without any casualty, and transfer them to your own custom palette. It also makes clean up a lot easier. Over time as shadow fallout dirty's the palette, you can easily pop out of the shadows and thoroughly clean the palette.

Editorial for Imirage Magazine using the Editorial Brights Palette

Editorial for Imirage Magazine using the Neutral Mattes Palettes

Editorial for Malvie Magazine using the Editorial Brights Palette

These three eye shadow palettes are not only my favorites, but an absolute must have in my kit. They are extremely versatile and will have you covered for all your matte shadow needs. You can purchase these palettes at Sephora, But if you are a pro you may be able to get a discount on these palettes from pro beauty suppliers.

Pro Beauty Shops I use:

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