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The Best Hair Heat Tools

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As a Pro hair stylist and former full time salon employee, I used my fair share of heat tools. The beauty industry is a saturated market of endless products, so how do we know whats truly the best? In my opinion, the best hair heats tools have a good price point, longevity and proper adjustable heat settings. Now that seems pretty vague and basic, but you want a hair tool that looks like it has been through a war when you're done with it. After all who wants to buy a new hair dryer every year? NOT ME! I will be sharing with you my list of my tried and true, go to hair heat tools.

The Hot Tools Curling Iron is an absolute classic in my opinion. This brand is used by both pros and consumers and is extremely easy to find in a variety of stores. There are two versions of this iron, the marcel and spring form. If you are not a pro stylist, the marcel version is going to look extremely foreign and I highly recommend you do not purchase it. Honestly, even some professional stylists do not like working with them, it's all preference. The spring form is going to be the most user friendly, the marcel takes a lot of practice. This iron has an adjustable heat setting ranging from 280- 430 degrees and stays consistently heated. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can get the tiniest of curls to the loosest of waves. As with all regular curling irons you can also use this as wand. Just hold open the clamp and wrap your hair around or your can even remove the clamp on this model. On top of that it also has an amazing price point of $50! I swear this iron will last forever, I have several sizes for years now and never had any issues. You can pick up a hot tools iron from Amazon, Target, Ulta and most beauty supply stores.

GHD is a well known brand within the hair world. Many of my former colleagues used this iron in the salon and its an awesome product. This iron has a 1.25 inch ceramic barrel, perfect size for the super trendy beachy waves everyone loves. Now I am typically not a fan of ceramic heat tools, but this iron is really smooth and the hair glides on it. There is nothing worse then when your hair gets tangle and caught in a heat tool. It maintains a temperature of 365 degrees by using ultra zone technology. This keeps the iron heated evenly and preserves the health of the hair all while locking in the style. Another great feature this iron has is a 30 minute sleep mode setting. If you are in a rush and forget to turn off your curling iron ( we have all been there) you don't have to be in fear of burning down your home! In all seriousness though, do not rely on just this setting, always double check its off after use. This curling iron retails for $199, but its currently on sale for $159. A little bit more on the pricey end, but if you are someone who likes to invest in your hair tools, you will definitely get your moneys worth. You can purchase this iron directly on the GHD website or from Sephora.

3. Babyliss Nano Titanium Flat iron 1"

In this review only one flat iron will be mentioned. My reasoning, this is my absolute favorite iron and I'm convinced no other iron will live up to it. I love this iron and have been using it since I was a teenager and still love it as an adult. Oh yeah, it has been with me through the middle/ high school days where frying your hair off and having it super straight was all the rage. Titanium plated flat irons are what I look for when purchasing this specific heat tool. Titanium plates maintain hot temperatures extremely well. This iron has 50 heat temperatures with a maximum of 450 degrees. The titanium leaves the hair shiny and smooth without having to pass over the hair numerous times. I personally feel like this is a great iron for all hair types. The light weight and slim design of this iron makes it really versatile and easy to hold in your hand. You can use this for straightening, waves, flat iron curls, it does it all. In general I recommend always going with a 1" size iron, they do sell larger size, but I feel as though this size performs best. You can purchase this flat iron for $99 from the Babyliss Pro website, Amazon and various beauty supply stores.

4. Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3800 Hair Dryer

This is the hair dryer I currently use. It is 5 years old and is still running like a champ. It has a guaranteed life span of 2200 hours of use and I can attest to that. As someone with curly hair, I like hair dryers that get hot and have a lot of horse power to them. This hair dry has 2100 watts of drying power with 3 heat setting and a cool shot button. When you use any dryer and especially this dryer you have to keep it moving, do not hold it in one spot because it gets HOT. With that being said, this dryer does have a safety thermostat, and is equipped with ionic and ceramic technology that eliminates static electricity and preserves the hair's health. Another great feature is that this dryer, including the packaging, is made from recyclable materials and is eco friendly! The only con of this hair dryer is it only comes with two concentrator nozzles and not a diffuser, you will have to purchase that separately. You can purchase this dryer from the turbo power website and beauty supply stores for $218.

5. Babyliss Pro Rapido Dryer

This hair dryer is another salon favorite. The Babyliss brand makes phenomenal heat tools in general so you cannot go wrong with them. I believe what makes it so popular is its light weight but powerful design. It weighs less than a 1 pound! You can expect 10,000 hours of use at full speed (2000 watts), plus it dry the hair up to 50% faster and is 50% quieter than other dryers. There are 6 different heat/ speed setting with a cool shot button. Once again, this specific dryer only comes with 2 concentrator nozzles, no diffuser. This is the coolest feature of the dryer is that its engine is designed by Ferrari. Yes, you heard me correctly, this hair dryer has a Ferrari engine inside of it. How freaking cool is that? No wonder why its such an amazing hair dryer, it literally has a car engine in it. You can purchase this hair dryer for $199 from the Babyliss Pro website, Ulta, Walmart, Amazon and beauty supply stores.

Disclaimer: The products linked in this post are affiliate links. All product recommendations and opinions are 100% my own. If you click on the link or purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure and disclaimer agreement for more information.

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