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Top pro beauty accounts to follow for makeup organization.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As a pro MUA and fellow beauty enthusiast, there are a plethora of accounts to follow on instagram. Some accounts are huge pages that everyone and their mother has heard of, and others are small hidden gems. I will be sharing with you my top pro beauty instagram accounts for all things makeup organization. Some of you may have already heard of these ever growing pages, but for those who haven't, this is your introduction.

The Artist Kit Company @artistkitcompany

- The Artist Kit company has quickly become a pro MUA favorite on instagram. This New York City based small business is known for their pro kit essentials. I really admire this account because it is 100% a one man (woman?) show. Yes, know one nows the face behind the brand. Everything from the design, assembly, to packaging and shipping out your product, is done by one person. They are known for their credit card size palettes that you can condense your makeup products into. Along with their palettes, they sell other kit condensing products and disposable tools. I discovered this account when they followed me when they were first starting out. This account went from everyone thinking it was a spam account to an amazing community of make up artists. If you are a professional artist, this is a community you will want to be apart of. But beware, when you follow this account you are agreeing to have your comments and DM's on blast. The person behind this account will not hesitate to roast you, but don't worry it's all just fun and games never mean or hurtful.

EDIT: The owner of this company has been revealed. I am not telling you who it is, you're just going to have to find out for yourself if you don't already know.

Grishan Roof @grishanroof

- Grishan Roof is the master of all things makeup kit organization. Her skillset for de-potting any makeup product is truly unbelievable and I am so incredible jealous ( Me de-potting any powder product will result in at least one casualty). Her page is jammed pack with video tutorials of her condensing and organizing makeup. It is truly so addicting and satisfying to watch.Not only is it fun to watch, but it's also really educational. She carries so much product knowledge and probably has tested out every makeup organization method, so you don't have to. If you need to learn how to de-pot a specific makeup product, repair a broken product or just want to watch someone organize countless amounts of makeup, you NEED to follow this page.

The Kitpak @thekitpak

- The Kitpak is another pro kit organization company. Pro makeup artists @marcwitmernyc and @makeupbydisco are the faces behind the brand. The Kitpak came to life when these two artist met on set and began their competition on who could have the smallest kit. After years of trying to find the right products to make their kit more compact, they crafted their very own! This palette was designed to cater to the pro makeup artist. This Iphone size palette fits a variety of products. They even have a menu on their website that shows you how popular makeup products fit into the palettes and what doesn't. Making your kit condensing and makeup organization that much easier!

The Artist Arsenal @theartistarsenal

- The Artist Arsenal is the account for makeup organization heaven. This page is dedicated to kit hacks and creative ways to condense your kit as much as possible. The instagram page and stories consist of all posts sent in from fellow makeup artists. After scrolling through this page, I have no doubt you will be able to figure out an organization system that works best for you. You can shop their amazon page to find pro makeup artists must haves. This page literally has everything from books, empty palettes and bottles, lighting, bags and so much more. You can also shop on the artist arsenal website for custom inserts that fit into empty mac palettes. Make sure to check out their facebook page and group for more educational information. On top of all the great information and tips this page provides, they also do their part to give back. On their page they have a tab labeled "artist recovery". You can sign up to donate to artist in need, which is a fantastic way to stay involved and give back to the makeup artist community.

Create Safely @createsafely

- Create Safely is another wonderful instagram account that brought together a positive community of artists. This account is not solely makeup based but also includes hair stylists, nail technicians and other industry professionals. The main purpose of this account was to gather information for the new "industry standard" given the current on going Covid-19 pandemic. On this page you can find creative kit hacks and ways to keep things clean and sanitary while working. Create Safely is also behind the trade mark PoKITbook, which you have probably seen circulating online. It is a binder with plastic zip pouches that you can keep tools or products clean and protected in. This page also has variety of links including an amazon shop page, online courses, CDC guidelines and more. Any question you had about keeping your station clean and safe can be answered on the create safely page.

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